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How to: Chocolate Creme Brulee

January 7, 2011


1 can coconut milk, reduced by half

Coconut milk reducing on the stove

Begin by simmering the coconut milk in a medium sized, heavy sauce pan on the stove.

Reduced, thick coconut milk w/vanilla bean

Use medium heat and reduce stirring occasionally until you can see by the markings on the side of the pan that you have half the amount of liquid you had when you began.  Add the scrapings of one vanilla bean, split in half lengthwise and scraped. Also add 3 C. Heavy Cream or 3 C. Half and Half bring back to a simmer.

Whisking in hot cream

Next, separate the yolks from the whites of six large eggs.  Set the whites aside in the fridge for other uses (egg white omelets, low fat baking, etc.).  Place the yolks in a large bowl and whisk while slowly ladling in the hot coconut cream mixture.  Keep whisking as you do, to prevent curdling the eggs.

weighed chocolate and sugar

Weigh 6 oz. of dark chocolate and 4 oz. of granulated sugar to have at the ready.

Whisk the weighed chocolate and sugar into the hot egg cream.  Continue to slowly stir until melted, do not whisk too vigorously, to prevent air bubbles from forming.


Ready to go!

Place into 10-12 ramekins, 5-6 oz. size ramekins work well.

Placed in pan for cooking

Place water halfway up the sides of the dishes with the dishes placed in a large pan with sides.  Cover in foil and bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes until set in the middle.  If the custard center is only slightly jiggly, it will continue to cook and set up after removed from the oven.  If the center is completely firm, it may become a bit cracked as it cools.  The pan should not be allowed to become dry as these cook, so when checking for doneness, carefully add water to the side of the pan.

cooling custards

Remove cooked custards from the pan to slowly cool to room temperature.  At this point, you may either refrigerate each for later use, or finish with the brulee torch to serve while slightly warm.

Slice bananas and arrange as you wish, then sprinkle the bananas and custard with coarse or raw sugar.  Use your creme brulee torch to create a crisp warm caramel crust overtop the custard.


Enjoy your final product!  This batch should make 10-14 depending upon the size of the ramekin.  If you are not eating shortly after you bake, you can wrap each and refrigerate doing the final step before serving.


Winter Sports Menu

December 23, 2009

Kickoff Dips and Spreads (serves 8-12)

Madtown Nutbrown Cheese Fondue ~ This fondue is made with Farmer John’s Cheddar and Asiago warmed to a smooth dip with Ale Asylum Beer and seasonings; served in a bread bowl that you can pick apart in the fourth quarter when the fondue is eaten. Comes with a selection of three dippers for $35, additional dipper choices are $8 each. Dippers (choose three): mini gherkins, blanched cauliflower and broccoli, rye bread, soft pretzels, apple slices, sourdough, brat bites, vegetarian kielbasa

Spinach Dip (serves 8-12) ~ Made from favorites of local producers: Snug Haven Farm hoophouse spinach, yogurt from Sugar River, and Primrose Farm hardneck garlic make a delicious spread served chilled in a bread bowl with crackers and veggies. Relatively fresh and healthy game fare. $35

Deviled Eggs ~ $7 per dozen. Your choice of classic, micro-greens, pesto, & lemon curry

Sporty Cheeseball ~ Cream cheese ball made with Farmer John’s sharp white cheddar and parmesan, scallions, pecans, and parsley with red pepper football laces or basketball lines; served with bagel chips or crackers (serves 12+) $29

Salmon Pockets ~ $20 per dozen wrapped in wonton filled with smoked Twin Rivers, WI salmon, scallions, and cream cheese and baked or fried

Bean Dip of the Gods ~ $20 (with feta cheese or vegan option) Organic dip of creamy garbanzo beans, Primrose Farm’s hardneck garlic, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and olives; served with pita chips and veggies

Duo of Tortilla Dips ~ Since we don’t get fresh peak-season, tomatoes in Winter, try these two delicious tomato-free dips with Sun Chips: White Salsa ~ a creamy cilantro-lime dip with black olives and green onion along with Black Bean Dip ~ great low-fat bean dip with garlic and toasted cumin $20

Half Time Fare Seven Layer Chilled Pizza ~ Seven layers served on a foccacia crust. Organic refried beans, fresh guacamole, 2 pounds of Cajun Smoked Salmon from Twin Rivers, WI, a mix of peppers and olives, sour cream, salsa, and Farmer John’s Pepperjack Cheese. Eat as a pizza or serve as a dip and eat the tasty foccacia when it’s gone! $45

Green Bay Booyah! A chicken stew that is native to the Green Bay area. Made with local Jordandahl Farm chicken, tomatoes canned at their peak, homemade chicken broth, and organic vegetables. Traditionally, served with oyster crackers. Gallon of stew $4o

Lasagna ~ Your choice of Vegetarian or Stoddard’s Market Sausage & Mushroom, made with fresh RP’s Pasta and served with a side foccacia garlic bread. $70 pan for 12

Catering in Madison: Holiday 09 Baked Goods Menu:

October 23, 2009


(Also offering custom-  buffets and holiday events by request & availability)

Here are the baked goods you can order from October through the month of January:

Black Pearl Torte ~ Flourless Chocolate Cake (gluten free), layered with vanilla & chocolate Bavarian creams and topped with dark chocolate ganache. Serves 18+ Made with Valrhona Chocolate Noir 56%
$45 Torte

German Chocolate Cake ~ Cake layers made from Callebaut Cocoa, layered with whipped chocolate ganache and creamy coconut & pecan with bourbon vanilla. Serves 16+
$35 Cake

Fruit Fantastico ~ Orange Cream Cheesecake on a shortbread crust, finished with whipped cream and glazed fresh fruit Serves 16+
$35 Cheesecake

Vegan Pineapple Upsidedown Cake ~ baked with a caramel-y mosaic of fresh pineapple slices, candied cherries, pecans, and Wisconsin hickory nuts; made with a moist and spicy carrot cake with Wisconsin carrots and dried Wisconsin cranberries. Serves 16+
$35 Cake

Turtle Pumpkin Pie ~ flaky pie crust with a pumpkin custard made with caramelized sugar, finished with whipped cream, caramel, and pecans. Serves 6-8
$16 Pie

Coconut Snow Queen ~ flaky pie crust with creamy coconut filling topped with a light meringue and toasted coconut flakes. Serves 6-8
$16 Pie

Holiday Cookie Trays

Brian Fay Photo

Brian Fay Photo

Choose three from the list: Small box (2 dozen) $18, Medium (3 dozen) $28, Large (5 dozen) $38

Mini Linzertorte Cookie (vegan) hazelnut cookie with raspberry or apricot filling
Gluten free hazelnut cookies (made with rice flour)
Vegan Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies
Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting
Espresso Dark Chocolate Cookies
Decorated Seasonal Cutout Cookies
Ricotta Cookies with Vanilla or Almond Glaze
Mint Chocolate Dipped Shortbread
Chocolate Dipped Banana Shortbread
Kourebedies (Greek Wedding Cookies with almonds and cognac in powdery white sugar)

Specialty Bars $20 per dozen

Brian Fay Photo: Vegan Brownies & Blondies

Brian Fay Photo: Vegan Brownies & Blondies

Baklava ~ made with apricots and walnuts
Raspberry Fudge Brownies with dark chocolate ganache
Vegan Maple Pecan Blondies with Wisconsin Maple Syrup
Bread Pudding made with brioche & a side of bourbon caramel sauce
Brunch (custom menus available, pastry selection below)


Tart and Sweet Glazed Lemon Bread $12 loaf (serves 8+)
Cranberry Walnut Orange Bread $12 loaf (serves 8+)
Cherry Oat Scones & Currant Orange Scones $1.50 each
Apple Pitas ~ phyllo filled with apples, nuts, & golden raisins $2 each (may come frozen for baking)
Sticky Buns ~ made with brioche dough, order walnuts or no nuts $2 each

Mixed tray of breakfast pastries (serves 18) $27

Spinach & Mushroom Quiche with Farmer John’s Romano Cheese (serves 6-8) $16

For best results, please allow one week lead time when ordering. Order at:    card

Kapil Zubin’s first birthday party catered in Madison, WI

September 29, 2009
ginger citrus punch w/ blood orange sorbet

ginger citrus punch w/ blood orange sorbet

fruit salad with maple orange yogurt

fruit salad with maple orange yogurt

tortilla crisps for taco buffet

tortilla crisps for taco buffet

taco toppings

taco toppings

taco toppings

taco toppings

vegan chocolate-oat & hazelnut-fig cookies

vegan chocolate-oat & hazelnut-fig cookies

quinoa black bean salad & homemade taco sauce

quinoa black bean salad & homemade taco sauce

edamame hummus

edamame hummus


Madison, WI Catered Soup Buffet

September 23, 2009

Wednesday Soup Buffet

*V = Vegan WF = Wheat Free

Soups: Black Bean & Grilled Sweet Corn Chili

Chilled Cantaloupe Gazpacho

Roasted Shallot Bacon Potato

Toppings: Croutons (vegan)


Sour Cream

WF Liberian Banana Rice Bread & V Pita Chips

Greens Salad with Tomatoes, toasted seed mix, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Cookies: WFHazelnut


V & WF Chocolate Chip

Dark Chocolate Espresso (contain wheat & eggs)

About the food: *Organic Prairie Bacon with no nitrites except those naturally occurring in sea salt & celery juice powder *Onions, celery, carrots, peppers, corn, red & blue potatoes all came from local farms: Primrose Farm, Pleasant Market Garden, & Vermont Valley *All soups are wheat free, two are vegan *Wheat free cookies are made with my blend of garbanzo flour and white rice flour *Compostable Plates & Bowls made from Sugar Cane Starch

Ratatouille Season

August 13, 2009

garden-02 This week’s farm box brought many great ingredients for a Ratatouille.  Originating in Southern France, ratatouille is perfect for this time of year in Wisconsin when tomatoes, zucchini, and fresh herbs are plentiful and eggplant and peppers are ripening.  There are all sorts of versions you can use, pairing them with rice, pasta, or bread if you like, or using it as a filling for omelets and crepes.  I especially like cutting thick slices of zucchini and yellow pattypan squash and cooking them on the grill before adding them to the dish.  Here is a recipe I made today including the pretty green swiss chard that came in my box!

First, on the grill, cook thick slices of 1 zucchini, 1 large pattypan squash, and one small eggplant lightly brushed or sprayed with olive oil.  Bring inside, and rough cut into 1 inch pieces (or desired size)

Heat 3 T. Olive Oil in a heavy pot

Add: 1 onion ( I used a torpedo onion from the market), diced

and 3 cloves of garlic, minced; sauteeing until tender

Add the grilled and cut vegetables along with

2 C. tomatoes, blended to a puree

1/4 C. fresh basil, sliced

2 T. fresh marjoram, minced

and 4 big leaves of chard, rough chopped

Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, then add salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste.  I keep a little red wine or broth handy to deglaze the pan if it gets dry or too thick.

Serve as you like, with rice or pasta, as a side, topped with fresh grated hard cheese!

memorial and theatre caterings last weekend in Madison Wisconsin

July 29, 2009