Nutshell Catering partners with farmers at Madison farmer’s markets, and uses local vendors to bring you fresh food that has traveled fewer miles than your average choices.  We custom plan menus for your needs,  serving special events, workplace meetings, family receptions, or needs of a busy household.

For people who use CSA farm shares, we offer the service of picking up your farm box, creating dishes from it’s contents, and delivering to your home.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Taiya Bach Says:

    Dear Nutshell Catering,

    I am looking for vegan/vegetarian caterer to cater a wedding in the Madison area around October of 2010. Does Nutshell catering have any general pricing guide or could tell me where I can get more information regarding possible meal options, etc ?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Pamela Says:

    Hi Jen,

    I heard about your greatness through the Veg Meet Up organizer extraordinairre Dave Friedman.

    This coming weekend I am asking a small group of friends to help me move a lot of things and I thought to seek an alternative to “Beer and Pizza” for afterward. We are thinking of Saturday – and that we would want to eat around 4 or 5 – flexible however.

    Would you be interested and available in preparing a few things for us? Vegetarian and or vegan? I thought of food for about 8 people? I would probably still provide the beer 😉

    Thank you.

    • nutshellcatering Says:

      It would be so lovely if every note I received began “I heard about your greatness”

      Okay. A couple thoughts to see which direction you would like to take this. Since it is chilly fall weather now:

      A pot of black bean quinoa chili
      On the side: sour cream, cheese, and green onions
      Vegan corn bread with vegan butter whipped with maple syrup
      Warm roasted fennel potato salad
      and two types of cookies: pumpkin with cream cheese frosting & vegan walnut fig


      Baked Lasagna (I make a good vegan tofu, spinach, sauce, and roasted butternut squash lasagna with toasted pine nuts)
      Apple-Kale salad
      Sardinian Foccacia bread
      Two types of cookies: pumpkin with cream cheese frosting & vegan walnut fig

      Would either of those menus meet your needs? I have disposable plates and silverware that are made from compostable materials: Plates are made from sugar cane and silverware are made from cornstarch, so they are good green options that you would not need to worry about cleaning up while you are moving.

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