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Farm Meals at Crossroads Community Farm

July 11, 2014


This Spring Summer and Fall brings new projects including Tuesday lunches for the farmers at Crossroads Community Farm!  Each Monday I receive a text about which potential veggies and fruit I have to work with, I respond with my list of choices, bring the extra ingredients I need on Tuesday and prepare a meal at the farm.  The bounty is wonderful and the kitchen breezy with bright windows and a great oven and stove along with marble countertops high enough to work on without hunching over all day.  It’s a real treat to be in a kitchen with a breeze and a view!

My first week, I had to feel out the space, so I kept the menu simple:

Sardinian Potato Foccacia with spinach, onions, and either red or white sauce, Spring Potato Salad with green onions and kale, a light asparagus soup, and a big Spring lettuce salad with thinly sliced radishes and chives

The second week:

Veggie Wontons with mushrooms, asparagus, scallions, carrot, and cream cheese with a ginger tamari dipping sauce, a sesame kale and spinach salad with Spring turnips and thinly sliced carrot & radish, zucchini fritters with dipping sauce, and curried potatoes with chick peas and greens.  Strawberry Basil icebox cake!

The third week we had a terrible tornado touch down in my neighborhood and the driveway was blocked!

The fourth week:

Black Bean, Kale, & Avocado Burritos, Agua de Fresco with Strawberries, Mint, & Lime to drink, Spicy Potatoes with Spring Onions and Chiles, a large salad with steamed broccoli, chard, and onions, and Mexican Chocolate Zucchini Cake!

The fifth week:

Salad with Cucumbers, Kale, Parsley, Olives, & Capers in a creamy lemon tahini dressing topped with Balsamic Strawberries, Garlic Scape Hummus with Wheat Pita, Mediterranean Stuffed Baked Zucchini, Carrot Marmalade with Greek Yogurt, and Lemon Mint Cucumber Water!

My favorites to put on a regular menu right now are the veggie wontons and the Mediterranean salad.  I love the embellished ice water offerings and the desserts as well..