“White. A blank page of canvas. His favorite. So many possibilities.”

It is an arbitrary choice, using a New Year as the beginning, the blank page of canvas.  It’s really just a continuation of the last chilly day.  But, here we all are, setting goals and starting again.   I am using this new blank canvas as an exuse to re-purpose this blog.  It has been a place where I go in and edit specials menus and seldom ever do more than that.  In the new year, I plan to use this space to talk about what I’m learning and create a captain’s log of this year’s cooking.

I simmered some frozen aronia berries from late last summer in simple syrup until they plumped, pureed them, and strained out the skins and seeds to make a lovely purple syrup for french toast.  It was tasty, but could have used more acidity to offset the sweetness.  I didn’t even think of the half lemon I have in the cooler, which would have benefited the end result.  Will add it to the leftovers and see.  This afternoon we are cracking one of the last jars of heirloom tomato salsa from the garden for some chips, and tonight I am cooking a small rack of lamb sous vide then quick searing it and eating it with black bean & sweet potato succotash.  It’s my first time cooking lamb sous vide.  I marinated it with whole mustard, holly honey, french thyme, rosemary, and garlic overnight.  Dropping the airtight bag in a crock pot of water on the low setting for one hour, taking it out to let it rest a bit, then searing it.

No photos of today’s activities yet, but here are a few from the end of 2013 holiday meals:

005 007 010 011 023 024 029Welcome 2014!


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