2011 Winter Menus!

Vegetarian Curry Entree

Nutshell Catering offers a number of menus for warming your Winter dining and keeping life simple!  This is one of several entree dishes we made for a customer who wanted healthy delicious vegetarian meals she could divide up and freeze for easy Winter dining when life is too busy to cook a fresh and healthy meal at home.  We also made Vegetarian Lasagna and a Butternut Squash Risotto, all of which she divided into portions of 8-12, making about 30 meals for $120, that’s $4 per meal!

We also do small dinner parties for 8 or more people with custom made menus.  Here is a lasagna dish, using Black Earth beef from a local farm source and Farmer John’s Asiago, Romano, and Cheddar, served at a book club party in the customer’s own pretty dish she doesn’t get to use often enough.  Dinner parties can be served at $15 per person for simple menus of entree/salad/bread/dessert, or they can be planned to include entree choices, sauces, sides, and appetizers for high end menus from $24-30 per guest.  They are delivered and can be produced in your own dishes if you have pieces you would like to use.

parsnip potato latkes

Brownie/Blondie Platter

Lemon mini-tarts


We do special appetizer/sweets menus for small tastes at events.  Menu offerings are priced per dozen people served, with some offerings of large batch items to serve 50 people per order (such as pulled pork and turkey for sandwiches sourced from local farms), and some dessert items that serve 24-50 at one time.

Please visit www.nutshellcatering.com for more information, or join us on facebook at www.facebook.com/nutshellcatering


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