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Winter Sports Menu

December 23, 2009

Kickoff Dips and Spreads (serves 8-12)

Madtown Nutbrown Cheese Fondue ~ This fondue is made with Farmer John’s Cheddar and Asiago warmed to a smooth dip with Ale Asylum Beer and seasonings; served in a bread bowl that you can pick apart in the fourth quarter when the fondue is eaten. Comes with a selection of three dippers for $35, additional dipper choices are $8 each. Dippers (choose three): mini gherkins, blanched cauliflower and broccoli, rye bread, soft pretzels, apple slices, sourdough, brat bites, vegetarian kielbasa

Spinach Dip (serves 8-12) ~ Made from favorites of local producers: Snug Haven Farm hoophouse spinach, yogurt from Sugar River, and Primrose Farm hardneck garlic make a delicious spread served chilled in a bread bowl with crackers and veggies. Relatively fresh and healthy game fare. $35

Deviled Eggs ~ $7 per dozen. Your choice of classic, micro-greens, pesto, & lemon curry

Sporty Cheeseball ~ Cream cheese ball made with Farmer John’s sharp white cheddar and parmesan, scallions, pecans, and parsley with red pepper football laces or basketball lines; served with bagel chips or crackers (serves 12+) $29

Salmon Pockets ~ $20 per dozen wrapped in wonton filled with smoked Twin Rivers, WI salmon, scallions, and cream cheese and baked or fried

Bean Dip of the Gods ~ $20 (with feta cheese or vegan option) Organic dip of creamy garbanzo beans, Primrose Farm’s hardneck garlic, sundried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and olives; served with pita chips and veggies

Duo of Tortilla Dips ~ Since we don’t get fresh peak-season, tomatoes in Winter, try these two delicious tomato-free dips with Sun Chips: White Salsa ~ a creamy cilantro-lime dip with black olives and green onion along with Black Bean Dip ~ great low-fat bean dip with garlic and toasted cumin $20

Half Time Fare Seven Layer Chilled Pizza ~ Seven layers served on a foccacia crust. Organic refried beans, fresh guacamole, 2 pounds of Cajun Smoked Salmon from Twin Rivers, WI, a mix of peppers and olives, sour cream, salsa, and Farmer John’s Pepperjack Cheese. Eat as a pizza or serve as a dip and eat the tasty foccacia when it’s gone! $45

Green Bay Booyah! A chicken stew that is native to the Green Bay area. Made with local Jordandahl Farm chicken, tomatoes canned at their peak, homemade chicken broth, and organic vegetables. Traditionally, served with oyster crackers. Gallon of stew $4o

Lasagna ~ Your choice of Vegetarian or Stoddard’s Market Sausage & Mushroom, made with fresh RP’s Pasta and served with a side foccacia garlic bread. $70 pan for 12


Winter Soup Buffet – Vegetarian Meet-up Group in Madison, WI

December 15, 2009

Logoless Designs Photo

Logoless Designs Photo

Logoless Designs Photo

Wheat free Liberian Banana Rice Bread - Logoless Designs

Mediterranean Seitan Salad with Almonds and Chard - Logoless Designs Photo

Vegetarian Meet-up Group of 65

Ginger Citrus Punch with Vegan Orange Rice Dream

Vegan Hazelnut Apricot Cookies - photo by Dave The Freidman

Memorial Reception

December 15, 2009

Punch, white chocolate blackberry cheesecakes, cranberry pecan bread

Greek Kourebedies & fruit skewers

Krumkake, Walnut-Pear Pockets, and Banana Shortbread

Buffet Spread