Madison Veggie Meet-up Group

VeggieMeetup-1One way of eating sustainably, is eating “low on the food chain.”  Madison Area Veggie Meet-up Group members probably already know this.  Group organizer, Dave Friedman, gets all available members together a couple times a month for all-vegan social outings.  Yesterday, I got to prepare an all-vegan buffet for their group (something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing since my years at the Ivy Inn cooking the vegetarian brunches there).

I did eight courses in four rounds.  The first being an appetizer round of veggies with vegan onion dip, edamame hummus with spiced pita, and fruit kabobs with orange maple soy yogurt dip.

Second round were salads: Black Bean Quinoa with fresh avocado, spinach with organic red wine vinaigrette, and vegan foccacia pizzas with tomatoes, spinach, and pine nuts.

Third round was a vegan taco buffet with hot roasted yams & fava beans, homemade bbq seitan, and a variety of crunchy toppings with homemade taco sauce.

Finally, for dessert:  Flaxseed brownies and vegan maple-hickory nut blondies with strawberry sauce and Chocolate Shoppe’s vegan espresso oreo ice cream!

It may be of interest that in 2008 Carnegie Mellon showed in a study that going meat and dairy free for one day of the week is more environmentally beneficial than eating locally every day.  Veggie Meet-up group shows just how easy and tasty this can be!  It was a terrifically fun event!  We held it at Daisy Cafe on Atwood Avenue, beautiful space to rent in the evening!

VeggieMeetup-3VeggieMeetup-5VeggieMeetup-6VeggieMeetup-8Go to Dave’s blog to sign up for the Veggie Meetup Group!


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3 Responses to “Madison Veggie Meet-up Group”

  1. Dave Friedman Says:

    Jen did an amazing job for our group. The food was delicious and it was all presented beautifully. I can’t wait to organize another dinner with Nutshell Catering.

  2. Amanda Says:

    The food was delicious! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, Jen!

  3. Andrea Says:

    Fantastic dinner. I remember the Ivy Inn dinners, too. We used to love those.

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