A Toy Story + Happy Ever After


After many forecasts for rain, hail, and tornadoes, last week, I was relieved to find partly sunny skies and no rain for Oompa Toys company picnic!  This was the first order I received for my Thai noodle salad and sandwiches, and another round for my market spinach salad with organic apples and sweet red wine vinaigrette!  It was a test-drive day for an idea I had about having sheet describing the origins of the sustainably sourced items on the menu.  At the wedding party, earlier that week, I announced source info as the courses were served.  I found that to be disruptive when people want to enjoy their conversations, and think this printed version may work better, as people can check it out at their convenience.  Loved creating the food for these parties, and I think the asparagus-grits-souffle with Farmer John’s gouda and cheddar is a keeper!  My only regret, I left my camera at home, so no shiny pictures to accompany this post.  Here is the source-menu though:

What makes today’s menu special?

Organic Prairie Bacon ~ humanely raised on family farms without antibiotics.  Feed grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.  No nitrates/nitrites except for naturally occurring nitrates found in sea salt & celery juice.

Organic mixed greens

Locally foraged watercress (on tuna & salmon)

Twin Rivers, Wisconsin smoked salmon

Smoked Chicken from Stoddard’s Market & organic WI cranberries

Organic & local cucumbers and market herbs in Greek salad

Organic spinach and fuji apples in salad w/ organic dressing & fair trade olive oil

Thai noodle salad uses organic nut butter & ginger & market veggies

Sun Chips company uses solar energy & 33% renewable resource packaging and is working toward a fully compostable package


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2 Responses to “A Toy Story + Happy Ever After”

  1. Lora Says:

    Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the fabulous catering for our picnic last Friday. The food was great. My favs were the Tuna sandwich and the Thai Noodle Salad. I love the ginger in the salad. Yum!
    The pinenuts were a perfect addition to the Spinach Apple salad too!
    Everyone wants to know where you got the bread from?

  2. Della Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful way to show your hard working staff how much you are appreciated. 🙂


    I love the fact that your dishes make people feel good in their stomachs and their minds.

    Comforting beyond belief. Keep up the great work and I will do my best to spread the word about Nutshell.

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